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Best Infant Silk Bonnets

It is not too difficult to make an infant look adorable. Even when a baby is throwing a tantrum they can be oddly adorable. However, if you want to take your baby’s cuteness game up a notch for a big event or a photo shoot then you cannot go wrong with getting them a silk bonnet.

A silk bonnet may seem a bit old-timey but they are absolutely adorable on any baby. If you’re going for the vintage look or if you want to put a modern twist on it, a silk baby bonnet is a great cuteness investment. If you want to make sure your baby looks cute during photoshoots then here are the best infant silk bonnets below.

Engel Hat

engel hat

There are many who feel that baby bonnets do not work within the gender neutral realm. They do look very feminine so it can be difficult to shop for one if you do not know the gender of the baby. This adorable hat from Engel manages to be gender neutral with green and blue stripes. It is a merino wool and silk blend that will fit any baby from three months old to three years old. Best of all it is stretchy and thin so your baby’s head will not get too hot.

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Lobio Hat

lobio hat

This beige offering from Lobio is also made largely of merino wool, but it is also made up of silk. It is very comfortable and designed for newborns, though there are other sizes offered for babies six months to twelve months in age. It features classy beige coloring which makes it perfect for photoshoots that have a more regal or vintage theme to them. It may seem a little bit plain but that just makes it easier to make it easier to accessorize.

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Janus Bonnet


This offering from Janus is the perfect mix of vintage and modern styles. This is more of a balaclava style bonnet, but it features this beautiful deep purple color and is made of a silk and wool blend that will help to regulate your baby’s temperature, making it perfect for both photo sessions and nap time.

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